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  1. I would like to schedule a time for you to appear on the HOMEKEEPERS television program in the Tampa Bay area. I have a copy of your book, INSPIRED FOR GREATER THINGS. Arthelene Rippy, producer & host……..CHRISTIAN TELEVISION NETWORK

  2. Hello,

    My name is Kelci-Leanne White, I am a student at Florida International University. This semester I have taken a course that has involved me in a philanthropic project geared toward funding the non-profit organization of the students choice. The project takes places in three separate parts: The first part is the student giving an informative speech about the organization of their choice; The second is the student giving a persuasive speech as to why that organization should be chosen for the funding; The third part is where five finalists are chosen and must create a proposal to submit to the donor. After this, the winner will be chosen and, through FIU, a $10,000 grant will be rewarded to that students non-profit. If you would like more information, I have attached the syllabus of the class which gives more details (pages six through seven provide specific details on the actual project).

    I have been a part of Trinity Church since I was a child, but never really had a chance to get involved. Being a member of Trinity, I have always heard of the great things being done by Peacemakers for the community. I am sending this email because I would be very interested in winning this grant for Peacemakers. I would like to try and have a sit down or at least an over the phone conversation to simply get more details on the projects that are going on, a bit more background on the organization, and the like.

    I am free on Sundays after the nine thirty service, on Tuesdays before Rendezvous. If you have another time in mind, please email me and I will try to make it happen. I look forward to speaking you.

    Thank you very much for your time,

    Kelci-Leanne White

  3. Praise the Lord,
    Greetings from Tanzania Africa.
    My dear I see your heart through your work am total interested with you in what you doing in this world of God.
    Please come to Tanzania. under umbrella of Tanzania Assemblies of God.Please contact me thru my email.May Lord bless you.
    Best Regards,
    Aretas Silayo.

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