How to THRIVE! in Your Life

Everyone can live a thriving life filled with vibrancy and purpose. Yet, so many people struggle to find purpose in our culture. Success is often measured by the amount of money in our paycheck or in the vastness of our possessions. In a recent JenningsWire podcast, I address these questions with some ideas from my book, THRIVE! and provide the listener with an approach to move from a life of busyness to a life of purpose.
*What is the biggest barrier to living a thriving life?

*If you are already busy, how can you find time to develop a vision for your life?

*Once you do, what’s the first step to integrating that vision?

*Should you share your vision with others?

*How do you create space in your life for a “moment of silence”?


LISTEN HERE: “How to THRIVE in Your Life.”


(I photographed the purple orchids in my backyard on New Year’s Day 2014.)

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